Career & Culture

Join our team. Lead the world's digital transformation by preventing downtimes and providing deep visibility to any type of infrastructure. We handle billions of metrics every second, storing petabytes of data each day and helping technology businesses grow.

Grow with us

Every member of InsightCat team commits his best efforts to achieve our common goals. We not only work together, we grow together: professionally, personally, and, of course, financially. Stock options, bonuses and a lot of other perks available for all our employees. No exceptions.

Unlimited PTO

We believe it's easier to create amazing products when you happy. Having enough quality time for ourselves and for our beloved ones is very important. And sometimes a good vacation can bring great ideas.


We prefer technocracy over bureaucracy. We prefer high-end solutions over technical debt. We prefer progress over legacy code. Long overcrowded meetings discourage us. Providing the best solution to every customer requires flexibility, both in business processes and mindset.


As our team takes care of our customers, we take care of our team. In every country we ensure that employees get the best healthcare and fitness plans possible.