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Observe every detail using hundreds of simple integrations. Load balancers? Databases? Clouds? Serverless? We've got you covered.

Bring your own infrastructure

No cardinal changes. No pain points to overcome. Implement InsightCat in couple of minutes.


Just add InsightCat server as a remote_write destination and join the full-stack monitoring revolution. Powerful visualization with zero configuration.


Add one line to your telegraf.conf and start getting real-time insights and smart alerts for your infrastructure. Effortless changes can bring tremendous progress.

InsightCat client

Use InsightCat client to get the most of your monitoring suite - dynamic inventory, faster metrics delivery, logs, APM and much more. And, of course, it's open-source.

Smart alerts & Escalations

Never miss an incident again. Notify your team on time.

Real-time Insights

The best to way to avoid downtime is to prevent it.

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Companies worldwide switch to full-stack monitoring to prevent downtimes and gain better observability.

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